Free Sample of Double Danger

3d-straight-3d-coverWhat could be better than a free sample of a romantic suspense?

Curl up with the first chapters of a good weekend read.

When Alyssa Mallory crashes into Nick Trammel’s car, she is plunged into a roller coaster adventure. Her home is ransacked. Two men shoot at her and Nick, and Alyssa’s friend is shot. Nick forces her to go with him into the wilderness of northern Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, running from the two men who Nick says will kill both of them to get information they believe he has. But he doesn’t know what it is they want. Chased by men with guns, Alyssa and Nick find themselves in a desperate race against time to figure out why they are targets. Complicating matters is the emotional threat of falling for a man Alyssa knows is dangerous. Alyssa is faced with a terrible choice, one that could save her life, but might cost her the man she loves.

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Double Danger is available for pre-order at Amazon, Print or Kindle

Spies, Michigan, Phobias and Tech

Around 1990 Nancy Tucker and I wrote the first draft of Double Danger. It was about a woman in peril because of a phobia and a man who set that phobia off. It involved computers and spies.

It seems like the dark ages of tech. Computers were booted from a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk and data was stored on a floppy. The Internet was all text. Our computers could not store the entire file, so it was split up into smaller parts by chapter. We shopped it to a few publishers with no result.

So the book languished in cyber Limbo.

Three years ago, while searching for a file, I stumbled on it, read it and decided it deserved resurrecting. It took a year of revising and a ton of research, and we had a draft.

Another year has flown by, and we’re counting down to launch.

Things have changed since we wrote the book. Especially the Internet. But romance is eternal. Nancy and I think it’s a good read and we hope readers do, too.

Double Danger will go up on Amazon for preorder soon.