Spies, Michigan, Phobias and Tech

Around 1990 Nancy Tucker and I wrote the first draft of Double Danger. It was about a woman in peril because of a phobia and a man who set that phobia off. It involved computers and spies.

It seems like the dark ages of tech. Computers were booted from a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk and data was stored on a floppy. The Internet was all text. Our computers could not store the entire file, so it was split up into smaller parts by chapter. We shopped it to a few publishers with no result.

So the book languished in cyber Limbo.

Three years ago, while searching for a file, I stumbled on it, read it and decided it deserved resurrecting. It took a year of revising and a ton of research, and we had a draft.

Another year has flown by, and we’re counting down to launch.

Things have changed since we wrote the book. Especially the Internet. But romance is eternal. Nancy and I think it’s a good read and we hope readers do, too.

Double Danger will go up on Amazon for preorder soon.

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